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Behind the Music

3.5 DRED is strongly influenced by the community, culture and sounds of his ATL hometown. Even as a young boy, he was drawn to music; especial Hip-Hop. He understands the cathartic power of story telling via music and performs music that resonates with fans across the cultural and financial spectrum. The blue collar double shift worker and the white collar million dollar hedge fund stock trader find common ground in the melodic and gritty yet heartfelt words of 3.5 Dred.  

Atlanta has birthed and been home to some of the greatest rappers. Over the last decade it has unmistakably been home to the next era of Hip Hop. Today, the Black Mecca has given us 3.5 Dred. His signature style is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. Expect to hear his name becoming increasingly used in the industry and his music to reach new heights on national charts. 

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